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I Am Wall

Students practice empathy, unity, and encourage a positive community.

I Am Wall

Each person wrote on a colored piece of paper ( referred to as "bricks), and shared 1-3 words describing themselves or their feelings.

Dyer police officers were invited to have lunch with the students. Each grade level had officers attend and eat lunch with them. Students had the opportunity to show the police officers how to wait in line, grab their lunch, and find a seat in the cafeteria. This was an opportunity for the students and officers to build positive relationships, the students loved asking questions and telling them stories! Many students even wrote letters to the policemen, we loved showing our appreciation for everything they do!
Protsman student's celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday.
Protsman Kindergarten teachers ready for Camp Kindergarten
Protsman Math Bowl Champions

Standard Response Protocol – School Safety

Standard Response Safety Poster

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